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Wealth Continuity Advisory

We Help Our Clients Become More Knowledgeable, Happy and Engaged

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Who We Help

We work with persons, business owners and enterprising families. We support individuals and multi-generational families and collaborate with the advisors in their family and business systems.

What We Do

We provide objective wealth planning advice, including family enterprise continuity, tax and estate planning, credit advisory and family education.  We are an advice-only practice offering unbiased, holistic and practical guidance.

How We Help

We provide independent support to clients through consulting, workshops and webinars. We work with you in-person or remotely.

Our Approach

We believe in working with both the head and the heart—combining our technical skills in tax law and wealth planning with our outstandingly human capabilities like care for others, collaboration, and client service.  

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Where We Help

Green Marker offers enterprising families and individual clients strategic wealth continuity guidance in relation to:

Family Enterprise Continuity and Succession

Tax and Estate Planning

Credit and Banking Advisory

Family Education and Financial Literacy

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