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Credit and Banking Advisory

We help you understand the role of credit as a financial and estate planning tool, support you with structuring credit applications, analyze term sheets and provide strategic and tactical banking advice.

Credit and Banking Advisory: About


Based on your needs, in our sessions we can provide the following:

Education on Credit & More

Education on the rewards and risks of leverage, eligibility of debt for tax deduction, corporate structures and tax tools

Advice on Lending

Invaluable advice on the current risk appetite and lending rates of various lenders, including information on the risk adjudication process, lending policies, collateral requirements and debt servicing calculations

Credit Co-ordination & Negotiation

Including how to prepare a credit application package for submission to a lender and how to analyze a term sheet, including collateral suite, covenants and guarantees

Assessment of Credit Structures

Assessment of available interest rate and credit structures, including prime, mortgage, bankers’ acceptance (BA), LIBOR, CDOR rates, fixed-term and revolving facilities

Credit and Banking Advisory: Services
Credit and Banking Advisory: Video
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