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Tax and Estate Planning

We help you navigate the estate planning process.

We advise on tax, trust and estate planning strategies that can help preserve your wealth for the next generation.

Tax and Estate Planning: About

Our Sessions

In our sessions together, we will look at the past, present and future. 

Review What You Have Done

A comprehensive analysis of any existing estate planning tools, such as wills, insurance policies, marriage contracts, trusts and shares in private companies

Your Current Situation

Education on tax and estate planning tools and structures as applicable to your needs and goals, including primary and secondary wills, discretionary family trusts, estate freezes, income-splitting strategies including prescribed rate loans and charitable gifts

Road Map for the Future

Consideration of your assets and circumstances in providing you with strategies that achieve your goals, which may include wills, powers of attorney for property and personal care, beneficiary designations on registered plans and pensions, insurance, income-splitting strategies, estate freezes, discretionary family trusts, charitable gifts and foundations.

Tax and Estate Planning: Services
Tax and Estate Planning: Video
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