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Trusts are great for Estate Planning

Trusts are a terrific estate planning tool because: 1. No estate administration tax: the 1.5% probate fee may not apply to trust assets...

How does taxation of trusts work?

Did you know that a trust is not a legal entity? But it is a taxable entity. Here’s what you need to know about trusts & taxation - >...

What are discretionary trusts?

We’re talking about trusts. Not the trust built two people (although that is important too!) But trusts as an estate planning tool....

Story Behind Our Name

Green has been my signature writing colour ever since I could remember. I associate the colour green with conscientiousness, prosperity...

When do you need Life Insurance?

In our Ask H Video Series, Green Marker is answering your questions on estates, taxes, insurance, wealth continuity, financial literacy...

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