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Family Education and Financial Literacy

We develop and deliver bespoke sessions and educational programs based on your family members’ needs, goals, life stage and fluency level in the subject matter.

Education and Financial Literacy: About

Our Sessions

Our education programs focus on the following areas:

Money & Relationships

Including understanding your money values, communication with family members, handling conflict and building a common vision and goals

Financial Literacy

Including budgeting, cash flow management, goal setting, debt reduction strategies, understanding credit scores and strategic use of debt


Including types of products, tax treatment of different investment products, management fees, types of services and advisories, what to hold in your registered accounts versus non-registered accounts and portfolio assessment

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Including how to expand a family business, create a new enterprise and using business innovation within your corporation

Legal & Tax

Including sessions on principles of the Canadian tax system, trust and estates law, family law and corporate law

Education and Financial Literacy: Services
Education and Financial Literacy: Video
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