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Story Behind Our Name

Green has been my signature writing colour ever since I could remember. I associate the colour green with conscientiousness, prosperity and spring’s promise of verdant renewal.

I conduct client meetings as dialogues and often “doodle” the facts and solutions as we converse. Regularly, clients ask if they could keep my green drawings because they find the visuals helpful in simplifying and orienting their planning landscape.

Green Marker also calls to mind the “checkmark”. Is there anything more satisfying than placing a checkmark next to a task on your to-do list? In working with us, we help you checkmark challenging and complex issues off your list!

Hadielia Yassiri

Wealth Continuity Advisor

“It’s just so reflective of you: your diligence, your ability to stay organized and your care. Not to mention your attention to detail. Your green marker came with you everywhere and did everything, from writing notes to signing significant documents. It’s your signature/trademark. You would buy 10 at a time from a local shop and keep them in your desk because you went through them so quickly - you took such detailed and careful notes about each client interaction. It also shows your humility and your personality - you were a Bay Street lawyer, so educated and bad@$$, yet you still do everything with a green marker, not a pretentious $500 pen.”

MCS, a former colleague

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